For this project I was looking to continue my exploration of landscape, and more importantly finding ways of developing landscape in new and interesting ways. As most of my work has dealt with nature and natural surroundings, I thought it might be a good creative break to explore the interstitial space inherent within architecture. Within this context I have focused my efforts examining the decaying landscape of downtown architecture, and the storefronts that make up this element.
Growing up in smaller communities during my youth, especially those in rural towns, I feel as though I have a stronger connection with this type of environment. Furthermore the documentation of said subject matter allows me to capture and relay the experience of this nostalgic forum for those possessing a lesser understanding, and to a greater extent allowing future generations the opportunity of insight for further reflection.
I believe this is an important factor as we continue to witness the decline and disappearance of these structures, as well as living in a society that is overly concerned with the construction of behemoth eggcrate buildings rather than the familiar presence of this type of Americana inspired imagery.
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