I have captured traditional landscape photography for several years, and am always looking for ways to push this subject matter to new levels. In order to accomplish this goal, I creatively leverage my current skill set, to edit the resulting work while continuing to expand my existing artistic boundaries. 
This particular series deals with taking previous captured landscape images, and transforming them into new and interesting abstract compositions. These images have been composed using a twisting fiber technique that has been around for sometime, but one that I am just now becoming aquainted with. It is my hope that through this abstraction process, I can ultimately retain the essence of what made the original image successful, in regards to composition, color, and most importantly light.
This series of 12 images is composed from two contrasting visual narratives. The first six images were taken at night, or in low light situations. The resulting images speak to light coming out of the darkness, or nothingness.
Subsequently, the last six were taken at day time or images which were well lit. Conversely speaking, these latter images focus on more uptempo contemplation, emphasizing energetic movement and more vivid colors. The two adjoining images (6 & 7) are meant to bridge the two parts of the series, bringing visual cohesion to unify the two halves more effectively.
In an effort to expand my own technical skills, and by employing this technique of twisting light strands, it is my intention to further the definition of what defines a landscape image. Furthermore, in hope those viewing these images are inspired to find new expression and creativity in their own work.
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