This is a design that was part of an software project for a joint team made up undergraduate assistants, graduate researchers, and professors. The software it self would take the place and essentially mimic a comparative microscope for forensic investigation of physical evidence. This include such work as analyzing tools marks, and comparing striations on fired bullets. My involvement in the project was to come up with the visual component as a usable front-end user interface. What you see below is the very early stages of that project that I assisted with.

In the process of mocking up this particular interface design, time was spent physically handling a comparative microscope, and getting feedback and first hand information from Forensic Investigators at a local criminal forensics lab.

That information developed into a series of sketches and preliminary studies, and then into the images as shown below. The final results were created in Balsamiq Mockups, a tool for rapid prototyping, and wireframing.
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